Your vision, our skills

For 30 years, Richard Hein has pursued the intricacies and complexities of the yachting industry and made his mark on this sector, culminating in the construction of some of the world’s finest yachts from 30m to over 100m. This Monaco-born naval architect has become one of the great names in the nautical world. Today, Richard Hein is giving a new lease of life to The A Group, an unavoidable player in architectural design since 1984. All projects developed by this creative team of designers and naval architects are built around two fundamental concepts: carefully considered design adapted to proper engineering and timeless aesthetics.

Design to build

Yachts are not designed in the same way as they used to be. The complex constraints of construction have to be taken into consideration. The A Group 30 years of experience both in yacht design and construction allows us to develop “realistic” projects that combine precise requirements of ever more demanding yacht owners and strict rules and regulations.